CFTKB Romeo Rem Keyboard

What NDKB Offers

We aim to provide the simplest experience with building your dream keyboard by providing a number of key services. Need something else done? Repairs? Desoldering? Please contact us as we handle these on a case-by-case basis.

Mill-Max Sockets
Spring Swapping

Core Services & Pricing

Prices vary based on keyboard sizes and number of switches/stabs. For exact quotes please contact us. Note that prices are displayed in USD. However, CAD pricing is available too if required.


$2 + $0.5/Switch & $1/Stab

Switch Films

Free if provided



Free if provided


Keyboard Size

Assembly Cost

≤ 40%


60 - 65%


75% - TKL




Through-hole DIY kits

Size + $15



Clients will have to pay for all parts and shipping. Payment can be made through Interac e-Transfer or Paypal. Components will be soldered with 63/37 leaded solder.



Once the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is received it will be thoroughly tested to ensure functionality. This is the foundation of building a perfect keyboard.



Once the switches are confirmed, they will be lubed with either Krytox 205g0 or any lube supplied by the client. This step provides a pleasantly sounding and smooth typing experience.



Each stabilizer will be clipped and lubed with Krytox 205g0 or dielectric grease. These are placed on longer keys to maintain balance and prevent any tilting in the future.



The keyboard will be shipped out once the invoice for assembly is paid. Please note the client is responsible for any duties and/or taxes that may occur.

KBD67 Grey TOFU65 Keyboard

I am new to mechanical keyboards and started out with a Razer BW that made everyone cringe on comms. I decided it was finally time to make the switch, and ordered a custom keeb through Nandi. I gave him a budget, a vague concept of what I wanted, and what I normally use my keyboard for. He recommended a build for me, ordered all the parts, and put it together. The assembly was quick and I got to see it all happen on Twitch as well! I love my keyboard so much, I get compliments on it often and I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a custom build to purchase theirs through NDKB! 💞